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    From the /AMD reddit - good for a laugh!


      He nailed... Polaris : Amd


      AMD: "In a year or so, we'll refresh our lineup with Polaris cards offering great value for the mid-range!"

      Everyone: "Yeah! Polaris will kill EVERYTHING Nvidia has to offer!"

      AMD: "We never said that. It will be a mid-range architecture"

      Everyone: "Hey, everyone, look! AMD's new cards are going to be top-tier Nvidia killers!"

      AMD: "Well, they will be mid-range cards with a really attractive price point"

      Everyone: "Did you hear that!? AMD's cards are going to destroy the 1080 Ti for $100!"

      AMD: "So, no, we have Vega to fill out the top-end after polaris launches. Vega will be the top-end silicon"

      Everyone: "Did you hear that, the entire internet!? AMD's going to release TOP END MAXIMUM POWER chips!"

      AMD: "After we release Polaris, the mid-range part that will compete in the $100-$300 segment"

      Everyone: "AMD's POLARIS WILL DESTROY A 1180 Ti FOR LESS THAN $300!!"

      AMD: "I don't know where you're getting that..."

      ----Cards launch ----

      AMD: "Here are those Mid-Range $200 cards we talked about for years."

      Everyone: "Haha! AMD's Polaris is running slower than expected they have to sell them as mid-range."


      I'll admit it - I laughed, because he did indeed nail it...