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R9 390x Driver crashes

Question asked by farranuk on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by enemymind

MSI R9 390x

Driver version: 16.200.1025.0

Win 10 Pro 64bit

Using HDMI too a 1080p 60Hz LCD TV (doesn't have dvi

MSI z97 Gaming 5 Mobo

Intel 4790k

EVGA 750w GQ ATX 80+ Gold

16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1866Mhz (2x8)


When I put my 390x on load (in games and bench marking software) it crashes within seconds (about 5-15 seconds in), usually after a large horizontal screen tear. Sometimes it crashes back to game and is fine for a few seconds then crashes again or occasionally it will crash to desktop and resolves itself and i get a message telling my AMD drivers have crashed etc but other times it just completely crashes and I'm left with a black screen with no signal going too the TV and have to force restart my PC every time. Either way games are unplayable, I've tried using Furmark as well as a test to make sure it isn't just the games I'm playing (at the moment mostly World of Warcraft) but that crashes within 10-15 seconds usually as well.

Heat doesn't seem to be an issue in this as it rarely gets over 80 on full load according to my monitoring software and Furmark's temp monitor.

Had no other GPU's in this build.


I haven't had this card for too long but I've had no problems up until a week ago or so when this started and lasted a few hours of almost instant crashing on WoW, went out for a while came back and it worked again completely fine for 2 days after i installed the beta driver update but now its drivers are crashing again and its driving me mad I haven't installed any new programs or changed anything recently.

I've disabled hardware accelerated graphics in my browsers as well as I've heard that conflicts sometimes with the 300 series but still no luck!


I can't currently edit my BIOS either as my TV is my only monitor for my PC and its resolution scale in BIOS is completely unusable apart from too change the time.. so due to BIOS settings I can only use one video output at a time (i.e gpu or mobo hdmi but mobo hdmi will not work with gpu in the mobo)


If I have missed out any information that could possibly help please let me know.


Any help would be much appreciated so I can get back to enjoying this monster of a graphic card!