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(ENDED) Going to pay it forward....

Question asked by derrickgott007 on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by zionhalcyon


Here in the #amdredteam we are all about community and helping others.  Well it's come to that time where I want to pay forward how I was helped.


When I was building my rig, The Black Dahlia, I was in a money crunch and couldn't afford everything I needed.  A gracious friend of mine gifted Me a brand new XFX R7360 so I would have a graphics card capable of playing the most modern games.


I was overjoyed and amazed at someones generosity to just give me a gpu.  Well I want to help someone the same way.  I've only had the R7 360 for 2 months now and I would like to give it to someone in need here on the site....a fellow RedTeam family member who was where I was, in a crunch.   I know it all too well.  So I want to help.


When I get my RX480, I want to give my R7 360 away, no cost, I'll even pay shipping.  So let me know who needs it and it's yours.  I still have the box and eveeything since it's practically brand new.


I'm going to go through the Rigs Showcase, because there were a few rigs there without GPU'S, and im going to suprise someone.


P.S. I still have the stock, unused FX8350 Cooler if anyone needs one.