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    AMD Radeon R9 M265X. Software issue. Windows 10


      General information about my laptop:

      Laptop: Toshiba Satellite P55-B5162

      Operating system: Windows 10

      Display adapters as shown in Device Manager: AMD Radeon R9 M265X and Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600


      Problem description:

      My laptop came with pre-installed Windows 8.1. Everything was functioning properly. I had the graphics card driver installed as well as the Catalyst Control Center. Then, I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 choosing the option to keep all the files and settings.


      After the upgrade, the graphics card driver was installed correctly. However, the CCC is not working. It's only found in C:\\Windows.old\. (Not showing in Control Panel - Programs.) It's clear that I cannot switch the graphics and I can't use the AMD software.


      I emailed the issue to AMD support. They advised me to use DDU to uninstall everything related to my AMD graphics card and then make a clean install. They recommended me to contact my manufacturer for the needed software.


      I downloaded DDU and chose to delete the driver and everything related to my graphics card from C:\\. However, after the restart, I noticed that the CCC is still present in Windows.old, but the driver was deleted. After that, Windows - through Update Center - automatically downloaded for me the missing driver. So, I did nothing...


      I contacted Toshiba and explained for them the issue. They didn't provide for me the needed support for free. Also, on their Support website I didn't find everything related to the AMD software, only the driver, which I already have.


      So, I hope you can help in finding the best solution to my issue. In two words, I want to be able to use the software for my AMD graphics card on Windows 10. Also, do you think I must delete everything related to AMD from Windows.old. If yes, please, explain how?


      Thank you.

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          Windows old is the left over Windows 8.1 files from your previous Operating System.


          Navigate to the Start Menu > Search Windows > Type This PC > Click on Local Disk> Right Click > Properties > Disk Cleanup > Select Everything > Click Cleanup System Files > Select Everything > Click Cleanup System Files.


          That should remove the Windows old folder. You can now use DDU to remove any installed AMD drivers and update to the latest version which is Crimson 16.6.1.

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              First of all, thank you a lot for your reply.


              Windows.old folder:

              I understand that Windows.old folder can be used in case the user wants to downgrade to previous edition of Windows. Also, this folder stores old files. You are recommending me to get rid of the whole folder. I have some questions regarding this point:

              - Will deleting the Windows.old folder affect my laptop performance?

              - Will I lose important files, folders or personal data?

              And just to mention, I am not planning to downgrade to Windows 8.1.


              AMD graphics card driver and software:

              I've read several posts on the Internet where people are experiencing issues similar to mine. I found that many of them are recommending to go to the manufacturer's website and download the driver from there, even if it will be an old driver. They are saying that when having the right driver, the user will be able to run the Control Catalyst Center.


              In your opinion, what's the best source for getting the driver/software: AMD website or manufacturer's (Toshiba in my case) website?


              Here's an important info:

              - AMD driver's version that was downloaded automatically by Windows is: 15.200.1055.0. However, the latest version that is found on Toshiba's website is: 13.351.1006.1001.

              - Current Intel Graphics driver version that is installed on my laptop is: The latest version found on Toshiba's website is:


              So what are you recommending me to do after reading my reply? What about the Intel driver?


              I hope that this discussion will help many users in the future.

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                  Removing the Windows old folder will free up some hard drive space, but removing will stop you from downgrading to 8.1 again. Deleting the folder will not affect performance, you will just lose all the files and folders contained within. It should not affect any personal data outside of that folder, which the upgrade should have moved over.


                  I would update to the latest drivers available, please see my post above for the latest current AMD driver.

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                      Thank you. Everything is working fine now on my laptop!


                      Here's what I did:

                      - Removed Windows.old folder using Disk Cleanup

                      - Used DDU to remove all the software related to my AMD graphics card

                      - Downloaded the latest version from AMD website.


                      So, that's what I have now:

                      Driver's name and version as shown in Device Manager: AMD Radeon R9 M200X Series 16.200.1025.0

                      Radeon Software version: 16.6.1


                      For test purposes, I installed Need for Speed Rivals. Radeon Software found the game and assigned for it the needed settings. While playing the game, I didn't encounter any problems.


                      By the way, on Toshiba's wesbite, there's no Display drivers for Windows 10 for my laptop. What I was talking about in previous post are Windows 8 drivers. (I've read somewhere that Windows 8 drivers can work for Windows 10).


                      And just to mention, the Windows Updater downloaded for me another AMD driver [Name: AMD Radeon R9 M265X, Version: 15.200.1055.0] and Device Manager began showing it as the driver I am using. Then, I forced my laptop to use the driver which I downloaded from AMD wesbite. So is that what I was supposed to do?


                      Two words about the Intel driver. The one that was downloaded by Windows Updater is the best because it's control panel is integrated in the Desktop right click menu. All the other versions that I tried to install didn't work as the one I am talking about.