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Mac Pro 2010 can't use latest drivers?

Question asked by echo41 on Jun 14, 2016

I wrestled for some time trying to update the Windows drivers on my Mac Pro 2010 to 16.3.2 before I found this page for Boot Camp drivers:

Apple Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers

I am offered version 15.301 as the highest Boot Camp comparable version. I guess that explains why I was getting "no compatible AMD hardware found" errors with all the newer installers.


My question is why? Why in the world are Boot Camp users limited to Apple-friendly versions of the driver set? My video card isn't made, sanctioned, or supported by Apple. It's discrete, and running on the same kind of PCIe bus a PC uses. It it something about the motherboard? The chipset? What technical limitation keeps me from updating my drivers and getting the most out of my graphics card?


Here are the vital specs for my tower. I am resigned to using the older drivers for now, but if anyone has answers or advice, I would love to hear it. This computer is incredible and has a lot of life left. It's sad to see support slowly dropping away.


Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Mac Edition

Mac Pro 5,1 (2010)

Intel Xeon 2.66GHz Quad Core

4 x 4GB DDR3 EEC memory from OWC

Windows 10 64-bit w/ Boot Camp 5.1