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    AMD HD3D Broken in Crimson




      AMD HD3D is completely broken in Crimson drivers as of today and has been for some time.

      Using Tridef software with Display type set too AMD HD3D HDMI 1.4a results in every single game crashing in the exe on launch.

      You briefly see the game pop up the display attempts to turn on 3D and the game flashes up an image and the game exe crashes.


      The only work around is to purchase the full version of Tridef and use the side by side mode and then go into your display OSD

      and turn on Sensio3D and then all is well again.    So the TRidef driver works fine the AMD driver is entirely broken.

      So if you are using HD3D and tridef and the cut down discounted version the only option is to buy the full Tridef version allowing

      you to use standard display type.  Set it to side by side.  Then launch the game in Tridef and switch monitor mode to 3D Sensio 3D 

      (if you have Sensio option) or just SBS mode and it will work as the display type without setting display type to AMD HD3D HDMI 1.4a.


      AMD are you abandoning HD3D in Tridef or what?  It has been broken in the drivers for quite some time what is going on????

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          I have also same question.


          I was also facing this issue from more than a year. I have lenovo laptop z51 with AMD Radeon R9M375 GPU. I was never able to run 3d games neither through Tridef nor through native hd3d games like dirt3. In dirt 3 games there is option of stereoscopic but is always disabled.


          I have tried tridef from windows 8.1 version, now I have win 10 also. Every time when I launch games through tridef window, the games tries to open but immediately crashes. Whereas games work perfectly well opened directly.


          Then I configured Radeon setting to run the game and tridef on intel gpu. To my suprise the tridef was now able to run 3d with side by side mode however, fps was to low.


          This clearly indicates that the issue is with AMD Catalyst driver only.


          Please help me if you got any success


          I have LG 3d TV 49UB850T.