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MSI R9 380 Black screen Lost Signal

Question asked by dannyilaja on Jun 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2016 by getlogan

I'm really desperate, almost all games, from 10 to 20 minutes of playing the video card crashes, and the screen does not signal've proven everything, using DDU, install previous drivers and driver 15.11 beta solves the problem but not a solution to play current games. I want to know if AMD really solve this problem or factory and we lost money invested in this video card. AMD pls fix this, really I am losing my mind. I appreciate any help, thank you very much.



I am sorry for my bad english.




Processor: Intel Core i5 4460 3.2 GHz

VGA: MSI Gaming r9 380 4gb

Ram: 1600 Mhz Kingston 2x8 (16GB)

Power: 600 Watts EVGA 80 plus bronze

Motherboard: MSI B85-G43 gaming

SSD: kingston 240 gb

HDD: 1TB Toshiba