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Crimson Edition important features still missing, add them please!

Question asked by benderson on Jun 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by benderson

It's been over 6-7 months and more since you guys launched Crimson Edition and while it's clean, fast, regularly updated, nice looking and can be useful, there are some important missing features, such as:



- User custom fan profiles: You gave us a way to overclock but not a way to create complex, multipoint user fan profiles for our GPU cards.



- Voltage control: Yeah, you can sometimes brick things not knowing what your're doing but make it a hidden option so those who know what they're looking for will find it or include BIG LETTERS DISCPLAIMER OPT IN to enable it.



- In-Game stats overlay: Things like current FPS, max/min/avg FPS, temps, usage, RAM usage, CPU stats maybe, custom text, custom positioning on the screen, font size, etc. Plus - some detailed log file for this would be awesome.



- Overclock profiles: so we can save few different OC profiles and maybe have a "LOCK profile" button, to avoid accidental OC tampering.



- Hardware level AMD native recording option: while PLAYSTV works ok, it's third party, it crashes, it doesn't always work (some UPlay titles for example) and it doesn't record OSD overlays like NZXT CAM and RivaTuner.



- For it not to crash all the time: 70% of the time when I used Crimson Edition to overclock, when something didn't work, instead of an app (Unigine Valley, Heaven, any game for testing overclock, etc) crash I got Radeon Settings crash. And you have to restart PC to load Radeon Settings Crimson Edition again. It also tends to crash randomly during games now and then, even without overclock.



While we can get all these using third party programs, I guess we can mostly all agree that these should be baked into the native GPU application like Crimson Edition and just have that "the one" AMD official native superapp for all of our AMD GPU needs and not to load five other programs at startup that all also have their own separate problems. This one is already always running from startup, so make it all under one roof and more useful, AMD people. We need this and we need it yesterday.