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    Unable to install drivers on newly built PC after fresh install


      First of all, here are the error messages that pop up: http://imgur.com/a/tEKQ4

      And here is my build/parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/mZMFTH


      I just built my new PC and installed Windows 7 Pro. After installing all of the W7 Pro updates, I tried to install the newest amd drivers. However, I keep getting prompted those error messages above. So then I've tried using DDU, booting into safe mode, and removing all of the drivers to do a fresh install. Then I used the AMD cleaning utility to remove the rest. Finally, I went into my C drive and deleted whatever AMD files I found. BUT I keep getting the same results. I've probably reinstalled the amd drivers around 20 times. I've installed all of the necessary updates for my asrock motherboard as well, including the INF (chipset) driver. Same results. After installing the updates, my whole system becomes extremely laggy and I'm unable to open the amd control panel.


      The only things I haven't tried yet are updating my motherboard's BIOS and reinstalling Windows. I would prefer not to use these methods unless absolutely necessary as updating the BIOS can be dangerous and reinstalling Windows takes a while. Also, would Windows 7 Pro possible be a cause to this issue? And YES my monitor is plugged directly into my GPU.


      Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you!

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          Pro edition should not be problem, is sp1 also installed.

          Check the mobo manual for enabling card/disabling intel as primary.

          There is mention(in the manual) of a windows hotfix kb to download.

          What amd driver version are you trying to install.

          If above is sorted, try Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers


          Choose the 16.3.2(full version, not minimal) driver for now(install problem with 16.6.1 for some at this time).

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              Yes SP1 is installed. More than 200 updates have been installed.


              PCI Express is enable as the primary graphics adapter.


              I downloaded the hotfix that you mentioned (KB2720599) and it said that the

              update was not applicable to my computer.


              As for the clean install, I made sure I completed all of the folllowing:


              1. All windows updates are current. I have the "get windows 10" icon

              available, which definitely means that I do.


              2. The newest version of netframework is installed: 4.6.1


              3. And I turned off Windows defender.


              I am currently using AMD auto detect to download my drivers. Same error



              One thing I have noticed is that in Device manager, my PCI Simple

              Communications Controller is not working properly. There is a yellow

              exclamation mark, even though I installed all of my motherboard's drivers

              on the product page, including the intel management engine which should

              address that. It just says that no driver is found. Could this be a

              possible explanation for this?


              Here are pictures of what I am talking about. http://i.imgur.com/iGbxlIP.png

              and http://i.imgur.com/y278YgG.png