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R9 280x black screen problem

Question asked by sevenedge on Jun 10, 2016

I don't know if this is my graphics card or my motherboard. I've been searching all over for the internet, tried everything but the problem still occurs.


So here's the problem. Most people that have this problem have black screens occur when gaming or such and such. But in my case this is the complete opposite.

I can play any game for hours and hours and not get a single black screen. Sounds good right? But when I'm going idle on my desktop or browsing the internet, or

watching a youtube video, My Screen Would Go black and the audio would cut off. I've been searching, maybe I didn't search hard enough. But hopefully I can get

Help here. Thanks For Reading, and here are my system specs.


CPU : FX 8350

MOBO: GA990fxa-ud3-r5

RAM: Corsair 16G 1866 MHZ

GPU: R9 280x

PSU : SDGR900e