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    Latest drivers with DK2 - Compositor rendering bug


      Hello everyone, I have an Oculus Rift DK2 and the latest AMD drivers. However, very often the apps with the 1.4 runtime lag from the start and the DK2  needs replugging, which solves the issue only for some apps. I had asked on the Oculus forums and was told that it might be an issue with the latest AMD driver. I used the Oculus Debug Tool to show how I start from perfectly smooth tracking with a lot of headroom, then upon restart of the Oculus Home, the Compositor GPU time increases almost 6 times and the Render GPU time increases 2 times, effectively halving the update frequency and then once more once I re-plug the USB cable, the lag is completely gone and we are back to normal with low latency and high headroom.

      Link to the summary of the debug tool HERE

      Link to youtube video through the lenses showing the debug tool readings in real time DK2 - debugging the lag/jitter/ghosting - YouTube

      Any help on this is greatly appreciated.