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    What driver should I be using for this setup?




      I am going crazy trying to figure out which driver to install...


      I have an entirely AMD system with A10-5750M APU and an R9 M290X gpu.


      The problem is, when using the autodetect utility, it detects my APU which has the Radeon 8650G which is non-gcn (VLIW4) and so it recommends installing Catalyst 15.7.1 BUT my high-end graphics card (the R9 M290X) is GCN-based and thus in order to get maximum performance out of my high-end GPU, I need a GCN-based driver (i.e. Crimson Edition drivers).


      Can someone point me in the direction of the proper driver I should be using for my setup?


      Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help.