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    I need to downgrade to AMD Catalyst because Crimson editon gives me half the fps and stuttering...



      My name is Ethan and I have a problem.

      I updated my drivers to AMD Crimson Edition  a couple days ago thinking i would receive higher fps in games and a faster in general computer.

      After I updated to the Crimson Edition, I received half of the  fps i used to get in games and I have reset my PC trying to get default drivers and I have talked to countless people trying to get help.

      ex: Windows, Acer

      They said reset your PC and you should be good to go and I will get Catalyst back like I had it before I updated... I have reset my PC twice and I'm not doing it again.

      Windows said that Catalyst is too old for windows 10 and that I need to keep crimson edition.

      I wanted to downgrade to windows 7 so that I could I could keep Catalyst when it installs.

      I cannot downgrade because my PC came as a windows 8.1 PC which is the worst windows version I have ever seen!

      I cannot do a rollback because there was no save point and if I try to do it it will probably self update itself again to Crimson Edition.

      What I want from this forum post is for a download link to AMD CATALYST not crimson edition, and I want to make sure that the drivers are compatible so that my computer does not get destroyed from the wrong drivers.


      My PC's serial code is : ES1-521-82FG

      This is a Acer Aspire Laptop


      I have AMD Quad-Core Processor A8-6410 (up to 2.4 GHz)

      AMD Radeon R5 Grapics

      8GB DDR3 L Memory

      1000 GB HDD


      Help from a AMD support person would be nice and the chat to be very active with advice!


      Thank you for reading this and helping me out!

      Please consider helping me I have put way too much time into trying to fix my computer to run a game as easy as CS-GO.