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Windows 10 slow and choppy on p6-2133w!!!

Question asked by feverstriker on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by black_zion

So, my wife has an HP P6-2133w which we (for some unknown reason) updated to Windows 10 and it has been a nightmare. First, the Netgear Wi-Fi refuses to connect so we had to run a hardwired connection. Now I am attempting to update the system to get all the latest updates and it is sooooo slow and sometimes just unresponsive. It's not a bad PC, the AMD A6 3620 with 8gigs of RAM should be enough to run Win10, right?


Little side note. I do have a nVidia GTX760sc in that PC which I somehow managed to fit after I upgraded my GPU, is it possible that it's the culprit of such major slowdowns?


PS: I also changed the Paging File size on the disk drive which I do with all systems to speed it up a bit and it made the system open programs faster but the hang ups are still happening and I really think the CPU is the culprit.