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AMD E2-6110 CPU

Question asked by androob on Jun 9, 2016
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I've searched endlessly this evening for a definitive answer for my question, to no avail. I have an Acer Aspire E2-521 with a 1.5ghz quad core AMD E2-6110 CPU with R2 graphics. I can't find a service manual for it, the closest thing I discovered is an E1-521 manual. I would like to swap out my CPU for one with a bit more juice as I currently can't afford a new PC and even a 2.0ghz processor would make Counter-strike run much better. In the E1-521 manual, it shows a screwdriver and care will get the AMD CPU out and it isn't soldered in. I don't know if mine is soldered in and I do not want to take it apart to find out.


So I guess for my model is it possible to remove the CPU and replace it with a better one? Also, I would just try overclocking it but I can't.