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Sapphire R9 270X Display Driver crashing randomly but mostly when doing graphics intensive tasks like gaming on Windows 10

Question asked by hyflex on Jun 10, 2016
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I've been having this problem for months and it's rather annoying, lets say if I'm playing a game like Diablo III every 30~ mins of playing my graphics driver will crash, restore itself and continue working but 50% of the time the crash takes too long to recover the driver and crashes my game too. I can even be doing things like browsing the web and my display driver will crash, same for viewing a video on YouTube...


I've tried the old version of the display driver and also tried the latest Crimson drivers, including the beta versions. It happens on them all and I don't know why.


My computer specs are:








Any idea what is wrong, where do I find a crash log for the driver & more so how do I debug & fix?