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    R9 280 Driver Problem with Windows 10


      My system consists of the following components FX8350, M5A97 Evo R2.0, Crucial ballistix 8GB Ram, Powercolor R9 280 3GB, CX750M PSU, 240GB Sandisk SSD.

      I am previously using Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, i can run AA games 50-70fps max settings @1080p. Last week i give the free upgrade to windows 10 a try since i am looking forward to DX12.

      Everything was fine until i start to play game, BF4 become 30fps max, Far Cry 4 25fps Max. I am using fraps to check my game FPS.


      I clean uninstall, then reinstall Graphics driver to the latest Crimson 16.6.1 for Win10 64Bit, even updated motherboard driver but to no avail, none of these solve my issue. I am about to rollback to Windows 8.1 but for last try, i decided to check Radeon App, in the overdrive, i found that my clock and memory was set to lowest. I change it to preferred speed but didnt change the game performance.


      I downloaded MSI Afterburner and tweak the settings from there, save profile and set to apply the speed everytime i restart, and all FPS goes back to normal.

      This is not the fix that i am looking for, i know this is temporary. This is the reason why i decided to post in this forum to get a permanent solution. It personally think that this is driver compatibility issue with Windows 10. Why do i need other software to make things work?


      Thank you in advance for those who will respond to my post.

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          It looks like a Windows problem, apparently it is a well known issue and it appears to be related with the dirty installation of the update (This is one of the reasons why the OS is recommended to install it as new). One of the plausible solution is this:


          Control Panel → Hardware & Sound → Power Options → Balanced Settings (Should be selected) → Change Plan Settings → Advanced Power Settings → Expand the processor management tab and look at your max processor state. (Apparently the Windows power options are messed up)


          I'll live you the thread so you can test one of the solutions posted on there.


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            Thank you for the response. I have checked the settings, it is set to 100%.

            As i have explained on my thread, i be able to get back the high frame rate by installing MSI Afterburner and manually set the clock speed of my GPU.

            The Crimson driver did not do its job to make my card work properly, it down clock my GPU core and memory to minimum which resulted to lower frame rate. My question now is how to fix my Crimson driver so i dont need to rely on MSI Afterburner.


            Thank you.

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                You are welcome, I understand you want a permanent solution on which is does not include the MSI Afterburner, but  Did your tried the old drivers (16.3.2) after the Win10 update ?, if it still persists, my conclusion is that your OS after the update got a little bit messed up (probably on the registries). I'll do some research to see what else I can find, but I will recommend to clean install the same Win10 version that you downloaded if you wanted to try again, since your license is now vinculated to your hotmail/outlook account on that particular hardware, you shouldn't have any problem. This is before returning 8.1 and if you have time.

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                Thanks man, i think re-installing windows 10 will be my last resort. Problem is cant find my windows 8 CD. I am not sure if i clean install Windows 10, it might ask me for CD key.


                From 8.1 to Windows 10 upgrade, CD key is not required.