AMD to be featured in Apple laptops, not nVidia, due to Polaris

Discussion created by black_zion on Jun 9, 2016

Apple 2016 laptops will have AMD GPUs


MacBook Pro with Polaris is in the works. This is probably because Polaris 11, which is the smaller of two chips is really thin. This helps Apple create thinner and lighter notebooks. There might be some more MacBook based designs where we will get to see the Polaris architecture in action.


The new iMac will also have Polaris inside so that it boosts the graphics on graphic designers' favorite machines. Apple won't forget to update the Mac Pro so it will get the new breeze of performance with the next generation AMD Fire Pro cards.


Any mac that doesn’t come with Intel integrated graphics will feature AMD /RTG Polaris based GPU inside. Since Apple sells a lot of its computers, this is a good news for AMD / RTG and not so hot for Nvidia.