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    Price of graphics cards in 3rd world countries


      In my country graphics cards are priced at >150% MSRP. Is this on?

      I know there is a standard import 10% rate charged as well as 15% VAT. But I assume that wholesale prices < MSRP.

      How can we in poorer countries pay >50% more than people in rich countries. It often gets ludicrous.


      Are we being had?

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          Yes, but it is by your retailers. They don't have sites like Amazon and Newegg to compete with, and the cost for a friend to buy it then ship it to you would exceed the cost you pay, so they can get away with it. And it's not just poorer countries, the UK is screwed badly too.

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              Oh hi,

              For sure. I wasn't implying that AMD was screwing with us.

              Personally I think its our local distributors. Their "wholesale" prices are not much less than what the small retailers ask. Often you can get a slightly better deal with the small retailers even if they went to some trouble to secure their own supply. Let's be clear its an emerging economy, and not like terribly poor. South Africa. There's a decent sized market here. It would be bigger if we could get fairer prices for sure.

              I read that MSRP is to try and normalise prices between locations. So I just feel our local distributors are the pits and putting like 30%-40% markup on the items. Thereby disrespecting that guideline and ultimately eating into what should be a benefit for the consumer to make more profit. And consumerism is not strong enough here to oppose it.

              I would be overjoyed if AMD and/or competitors could more directly distribute in my country. I really believe there's potential for a much bigger market if only the prices could be more in line with international norms.