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After 16.5.2 update GPU crashed multiple times and now it won't be recognized by my PC

Question asked by stryker99909 on Jun 8, 2016

The fans on the card are running, but i'm pretty sure the card is dead at this point. Is there any sort of solution to this? Like maybe its not dead and there's something i can do? If i use even the default driver disk it isn't recognized. This happened after multiple screen corruptions and eventual crashes, so i looked it up and found these threads: AMD Display Drivers causing black screen freezes after windows 10 login (and before if enabled before)  Crimson driver killed my HD7870 !?!  and assumed i had the same issue.


I'm currently running an HD7870 by sapphire with 650w power supply. Its run years without issue so i'm pretty sure its not the cards fault. Its also out of warranty.