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    Fury X lowers frequency to 500MHz while gaming, but maxing out once game is minimized


      Ridiculous behavior.


      I've played Doom and noticed that performance isn't great. However, it randomly becomes perfect for a short time, and then again not that great. So I've minimized the game and started Radeon Settings to see GPU stats. It reveals that while game is on screen, GPU frequency is well under 500MHz. And temperature is nice and low and all of that. Then frequency rises to 1050 for a few seconds (and the game plays smooth), and then back to 500 and lower. But once I minify the game, frequency becomes constant 1050MHz, coils whine like they are doing all the work instead of GPU, temperature is rising instantly and PSU speeds up its fan.


      That kind of behavior isn't unique for Doom, I've seen the same at least with the new Hitman game. Honestly, I didn't watched frequencies in Hitman (and it needs to update right now, hours of downloading). But what was clearly observed is that while in game, there is no sign of power overload, and once game is minified, coils whine again, temperature is rising again and so on.


      Drivers are 16.5.3, Windows is 10, 64-bit. Rising power limit +50 doesn't do a thing. Why Fury X is acting like Nano?