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Crimston 16.6.1. Can't install

Question asked by xanstar6068 on Jun 8, 2016
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I can't install driver. How to install it?

1 GPU - AMD radeon r9 390 oc version

2 desktop pc

3 OC - win7 x64 maximal

4 Driver - now installed Crimston 16.5.3.

5 Display Samsung S24D391 (display port to hdmi)

6 Motherboard Asus M5A97 R2.0

7 Power supply unit - Thermaltake Smart DPS G 650W Gold [SPG-0650D-G] 

8 RAM - 12Gb

When i try to install driver update (crimston 16.6.1.) i have 2 errors (screenshots)

1) Driver search error. please contact AMD company; 2) Driver error checking digital signatures.

I tried to solve the problem by running the Windows mode (disable checking of digital signatures of drivers), I was able to install the driver, but after restarting the computer has become very bad, graphics card stopped working, and the ACP module benaris. error code 52 - (GPU, HDMI, AMD conexant audio)