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    My AMD Microcube


      Help me get some more AMD power into my Apevia cube and pull the final remaining NVIDIA product out! Please!


      Apevia MicroCube Case

      A-10 7870k APU 4.1 GHz

      ASUS A88XME

      Corsair CS650M psu

      NVIDiA (gross) but my R9 290 died    EvGA 750 ti SC

      Gskill Ares 16gb 2400mHz RAM

      Team EVo 240Gb SSD

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          This configuration desktop i remember i purchased  8 years ago, and i still enjoy it watch movies, browser and if I remember well i played all the games until 2013!

          CPUID CPU Name AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+

          Motherboard Asus SLI-M2N-ESLI-00

          Video Adapter Zotac GeForce 9600 GT

          Memory Module  Kingmax 4Gb Ram

          Storge Total Size 763.7 GB

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            So, there's this card coming out on the 29th called the Radeon RX480 for $199......

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                Yeah I know i already have 200 saved towards the 8GB version of the 480, and i get paid again Friday. Microcenter is an hour away from me, either going to buy it in person or preorder online. So excited.


                Dont forget the just announced 460 and 470 for 60fps 1080p greatness. Im only 786 tv but getting a 1080p tv but still want the 8gb 480 to future proof myself. Then ill be updating from my 7870k to a Zen octacore CPU later this year, adding a 2tb hdd within the coming months too.

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