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    Unable to use 1080p anymore



      I'm currently using an AMD HD 6670 GPU that I've had for a few years.  I've had no issues with the card until sometime after March 1, 2016 when I installed a driver update that now prevents me from using 1920x1080p screen resolution on my monitor.  Upon installing the update, the resolution I was using (1920x1080) expanded the images on my screen so that they no longer fit within its borders.  I had no issues before that, and it was only after installation that I had run into the issue.  Now I have to run 1776x1000.


      I installed the update shortly after March 1st, but I can't remember the exact date, nor do I remember exactly what driver I was using before I updated it.  Since then I've also updated my OS to Win10, and I've recently tried to reset my computer to its pre-March 1st settings but it won't allow me. 


      Is there anyway I can reinstall the previous drivers?  Or can anyone propose a fix that would allow me to keep the updated ones without having to reinstall the old ones?