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1st time i have builded a computer and are missing gpu want a good set up for vr and gaming. Ga-x99-sli  motherboard, i7 5820,  corsair h100i gtx  liquid cooler, transcend 370 series 2.5 sata3 1tb ssd, corsair  pro platinumm series 850 power and CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 (Corsair / Memory DIMM) have space for 2 more liquid cooler should be able 2 overclock cpu 2 around 4.5 ghz 4 gpu sockets and crossfire plugs. Was wanting water cooled. was waiting for duo pro but not sure if best bet now as only game player not maker. My r9 200 series from older computer not work well in it as gpu crash often i read that 200 series not like my cpu. was thinking about 2 of polaris 10 are there any better  polaris gpu than 10 on way soon as not want 2 wait 2 much longer. are i better with 1 or 2 gpu or more. Should have gone with amd cpu but stuck with what i got now mother board does support crossfire.only reason i post in here is for advice on gpu. Think i get 2 Polaris 10 and replace with a Vega when they come out and run polaris in older computer then. Found a bios setting 2 let me run my 200 series till then






Coolercorsair h100i gtx
MemoryCMK32GX4M2B3200C16 (Corsair / Memory DIMM)
Graphicsamd want help with best to get
Disc Drive 1BC12D2HT (Asus / Optical Drive/CD/DVD/Blueray)
Disc Drive 2transcend 370 series 2.5 sata3 1tb ssd
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
PSUCORSAIR PROFESSIONAL pro platinum series 850 power

still to get any idea 4 cheap 4k hear 4 k tv cheaper. o and a rift very soon