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Dear AMD; Please Turn off Power Efficiency by default.

Question asked by jakslap on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by jakslap

I think AMD Should really have power efficiency turned off by default there are hundred of threads about people complaining about performance and the solution is to disable power efficiency.

AMDMatt if your reading this please suggest for the up coming drivers to have power efficiency turned off.

no one buys an AMD Card expecting it to be power efficient, we buy AMD cards because of Price for performance.


With the new RX480 cards coming out i expect there to be even more threads about stuttering, poor performance and throttling.

People are gonna buy these card, and the first thing they are gonna notice is the game is stuttering like mad? and then the forums are gonna be filed with be complaining and requesting RMAs.

If AMD is trying to balance out the market share it will be a bad move for them to have power efficiency enabled by default. You would want your customer to have a great experience off the bat, not install the card then dead over to the forums and youtube for FIXES! You would want them to install the card and then have a 2 hour sessions of Doom, Battlefield, Witcher etc. and walk away with "WoW thats are great video Card"

Basically have the option still there but turned off, when you first install the drivers, and if the users wants power efficiency then they can turn it on.


It baffles me why a gaming video card the r9 390x would have power efficiency toggled on by default. the performance difference with it on and off is night and day.