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VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE(atikmpag.sys) blue screen and blue stripes across monitor before crashing

Question asked by kyzhara on Jun 8, 2016
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Hello all and thank you for reading this post,


Recently I have had problems with my PC crashing constantly. I was unsure whether to place it here or in drivers and hope I placed it in the correct subforum.


PC specs:


Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro - 4 GB GDDR5

i5-4460 CPU @ 3.2GHz

8 (2x4) gig memory



Let me explain the problem:

The PC crashes constantly giving a VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE(atikmpag.sys) error (see attachment 1). It first started doing this while playing the Witcher 3 and after a while it started doing this at startup, not getting past the Windows 10 startup logo. I could still get into safemode and after removing the AMD drivers (which I needed the cleanup program for, as the usual uninstaller gave an error message as well) I could get into windows again as well. Now, the reason that I didn't post this in the drivers subforum is because the problem persists, just not quite as badly as before.

I now get blue stripes on my screen, even in the bios (see attachment 2) and the PC still crashes, giving the same error, just not right at startup. It crashes after a period of about 5 to 10 minutes. It also crashes instantly the moment I try to install any AMD drivers (tried the newest and the last version I was certain worked stably on my PC.) At about the 16% mark the screen goes black and into the blue screen right after.


Some extra info:


-      I checked the temperature of the card during the Witcher 3  back when the problems started. A few minutes before the crash the GPU temp had a max temp of 77 celsius.

-     The Witcher 3 wasn't a new game. I had already finished 2 playthroughs of it and started it up again for the new Blood and Wine expansion.

-     The PC is merely used for gaming. Besides the Witcher 3 the only uses of the PC were Dont Starve Together and Banished in the last month.

-     The fans on the GPU only run for short periods of time right now. However, I am unsure if that is because the drivers are deinstalled (as DXDiag doesn't detect a GPU anymore either, so don't know if it simply shuts down again the moment windows starts up because it doesn't recognize a card anymore).

-     Weirdly enough, it doesn't detect HDMI monitors. I tried 2 monitors with an HDMI cable and they give 'no signal' messages but my DVI monitor does work. This only happened at the point of the PC crashing at startup. Back when I was playing the Witcher 3 it did show the blue error message on my HDMI monitor.


I hope I didn't forget to include any information and thanks in advance for reading this!


Best regards,

Jasper Krom