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    need help


      So my current build is :

      intel i7 5820k @4.5 ghz oc

      Asus X99-A II mobo

      4 sticks DDR4 2400 4 gb (16gb total)

      XFX R9 390 not oc'd

      Corsair 110gt Water cooler AIO

      x 3 120 mm case fans

      1 480gb ssd

      Thermaltake tough power 750w gold psu

      Zalman z9 neo case


      My question is.. Is the 750w psu i mentioned ok my my current build. And If i get x 2 polaris rx 480's what psu will i need. If i throw in another 390 what psu will i need

      Like 1000w?. So far every thing seems to run ok. But i cant know if my graphics performance is hurt my low power with the 750w or not. hope this makes sense.