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    Mini Displayport to HDMI *NO SOUND* R9 295x2


      I am trying to connect my PC to my TV for streaming video. I have a DVI connector for my main monitor and a Mini DP to HDMI cable for my TV. Not sure if it matters but I bought the cable specifically for 4k res and sound but my PC doesn't detect it for sound. I've been searching and have found nothing. Is there some specific adapter that ATI requires to get sound?. I've never had this issue with my Nvidia cards......rather irritating considering the money I dropped on this.

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          I finally figured this out myself. I had a audio device in my device manager (NOT MY PLAYBACK DEVICES) that was not enabled. It was under the "System Devices" section. Once enables I could select "Digital Display Audio" in my playback devices. I hope this helps anyone else having this issue. I'm running Win7 64-bit.

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              This was BIG HELP!

              I was searching, unplugging, pluging, surfin the forums only finding Apple related issues. Its like people don't know Mini-DP carries audio.

              I started to think this aswell after switching a couple of adapters I own back n forth and restarting the PC like times with Realtek driver installs.

              And then I found your post.

              Thank You, made a account literally to thank you; it was the fix I was hoping for.