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    High RAM clock stuck after resuming from sleep


      Hi AMD!

      First: Thanks for supporting passthrough in ESXi, which is why I swapped form nVidia.


      The issue:


      After resuming from sleep the GPU frequency gets stuck at a minimum of 500 MHz, and, worse, the RAM gets stuck at the top frequency of 1500MHz.

      Before putting the PC into sleep, after a normal boot, the min frequencies are 300MHz for the GPU and 150MHz for the RAM.


      This adds some 50W to the PC's idling consumption, which is an increase of about 50% in my case. If I were to remove some PCI cards from the PC, it would idle nearer to 70W, in which case this bug would be responsible for a massive 70% power increase at idle!


      In my case I mainly use the PC at idling speeds, only occasionally firing up a game.


      I'm not much for handing over money to the power companies for no good reason, and I also think about responsible usage of our planet's resources.


      Here are my relevant specs:


      AMD FX 3820E

      GA-990FXA-UD3 v4

      XFX R9 280X 3GB

      32 GB DDR3 1600

      Radeon Software Version: 16.5.3 (but I see this issue with various versions.)

      Issue found both in Windows 7 and 10 (on the metal, not under ESXi in this case).

      (I'll leave the spec details at that as this is not a stability issue.)


      I only use the DisplayPort for gaming, as I have noticed that that too maxes out RAM frequency.

      My two daily-driver displays are both on DVI.

      Perhaps the graphics card BIOS is to blame?

      Only happening after sleep makes me suspect the driver software however.

      I also wonder if this is an issue with newer cards than mine.


      Thanks for any help