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Windows 10 Driver Black Screen 6900M Series

Question asked by spacegod on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by mulligan

Alright guys, I'm just about on my last nerve with this problem. I would consider myself to be very apt at repairing computer software problems (I have even salvaged "bricked" computers before) and this problem seems to be past my ability to mend, which is highly unusual. So about three months ago I downloaded the latest AMD Crimson Beta driver for my Alienware m17x laptop with a 6970M card in it, and from that point on I have not been able to use my computer due to black screen issues. I have ran multiple hardware tests on the AMD card using a Dell hardware analysis tool and the card passes every time, along with all the other components of my computer. This leads me to be pretty sure that this is a software issue.


Problem Solving Method:

  • I have tried installing the manufacturer supplied driver (from 2011), the newest AMD legacy driver, and the newest AMD beta driver for my card. The first two black out during install and after a hard reset proceed to be blacked out at boot, leaving me to go to safe mode to uninstall them. The latest beta driver typically works for about three minutes past boot before having a BSOD with a thread stuck problem.
  • I have tried installing the manufacturer supplied Intel HD driver, the latest Intel HD driver form the Intel site, and the Windows 10 auto installed Intel HD driver. They all seem to work for the Intel graphics chip.
  • I have tried installing the Intel and AMD drivers in different combinations. If the Intel one is installed first, then the AMD installer usually blacks out halfway through. If the AMD one goes first, it usually finishes but reports that there is a problem with the device. After that I would install the Intel driver and I will have the same black screen problem. The Intel driver by itself performs fine.
  • I have been using the AMD driver cleanup utility and DDU tool to do uninstall of drivers.
  • I have tried installing drivers with my antivirus both on and off.
  • I have tried disabled Windows 10 auto update for AMD drivers so they will not get overwritten.
  • I have tried installing on different motherboard bios versions.
  • I have even done a fresh install of Windows 10 (which my system was running fine on with previous AMD drivers)


I have tried just about every combination and version type humanly possible in the last three months with no luck. This is a ridiculous problem, and only happened AFTER upgrading form one beta driver to another. It is like AMD released a driver to destroy all other drivers.


I was just trying to patch up this system for summer gaming before building a new rig at the end of this summer. I've got to say, I was a huge AMD fan previous to this and was looking to get the latest AMD card and possibly get a Zen processor when it comes out, but I think you might have just lost a customer. I have been hearing numerous reports of AMD drivers failing and reliability problems as of late. This does not inspire the confidence of a customer, especially before buying a new card. No problem from a driver should take this much engineering to solve, and this is coming from a computer engineer here...


I hope you guys can suggest a solution to this problem and I can have my summer gaming rig up and running (the only real time of year I have for playing games), but I think I have tried just about everything possible to fix this short of trying to re-flash the bios of the card itself.