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    R7 240 but drivers revert to R7 200




      I'm running an A10 7800, Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G  (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz, System Model: 90BF001SUK.


      Windows 10 64 bit.

      The graphics card is an R7 240 2GB. I'm having a couple of issues.


      Every time I try to update driver software the AMD identifier says that Crimson 16.3.2 is the right software, when installed it believes the graphics card is an R7 200, which causes issues in game and generally.

      I have tried resetting and running the APU download in full and have managed to get the system to recognise that it is actually an R7 240 dual graphics card. But with this setting the AMD Radeon Graphics app wont load, and wont recognise that AMD is connected.

      For the most part it is meaning I am only getting half the capacity out of the graphics card and resulting in low FPS in game of 30 or lower on medium or low graphics settings.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          I'm pretty sure what your reading is R7 200 series ...which the R7 240 is part of. I have a R9 290 and it reads R9 200 series. It's nothing to worry about. Is this a laptop computer?

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              Hi, that's really useful to know. When AMD Radeon Settings is working it shows as AMD R7 200 Graphics + R7200 Dual Graphics. But the Device Manager also reads the graphics card exactly the same. Presumably then this is normal.

              With previous drivers the device manager has read as  AMD R7 240 Graphics + R7240 Dual Graphics. So I'm not sure that the right drivers are in place. Unless they are just showing differently.


              If it is correct then how can I get a different set of drivers as the current ones are making the system much slower. The best example I can give is with Overwatch. During the Beta the game ran quickly at good quality, but since release and the driver updates on or around 24 May the game flickers in fullscreen mode and has much reduced gameplay both quality and speed in other modes such as windowed.


              I have tried other downloads from the AMD site and at times it shown as R7 240 graphics card in device manager at which time the games ran perfectly with better FPS, but the AMD Radeon Settings would not load, and errored with a message stating that AMD was not connected. 


              This is a Desktop, not a laptop.


              Thanks for the help.

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                  Have you tried updating to our latest drivers? Crimson 16.6.1 was released yesterday and can be downloaded here.

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                      Hi I've tried downloading 16.6.1, once installed the 2 display adapters show as AMD R7 Graphics and AMD R7 200 Series which certainly work better than the AMD R7 200 Graphics and AMD R7 200 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics.


                      However after finishing the install it says to restart the computer, and every time I do it resets the display adapters to R7 200 + Dual Graphics which encounters all the same in game problems and slower FPS and in game flickering, which is not there with the R7 200 Series.  AMD Radeon Settings has kept the 16.6.1 software pack, and the associated drivers, but with the display adapters showing as R7 200 + Dual Graphics the system is pretty poor.


                      I guess at this point I feel I need to check should I be using the Windows 10 64 bit Radeon Drivers or the APU drivers?


                      At this point I'm willing to try anything to get me off the R7 200 + Dual graphics adapter as this is just not right.