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    New PC motherboard teases Intel Skylake chipset, integrated GTX 1070


      Colorful isn’t a well-known brand to US tech consumers, who are much more likely to be familiar with the likes of Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. If the motherboard and GPU manufacturer has its way, however, its devices may soon be grabbing headlines — especially if the company brings its proof-of-concept B150 motherboard with an integrated GTX 1070 to market in the United States.

      This obviously isn’t a board designed for the ATX standard; it’s more akin to something you’d see in an Intel NUC or Gigabyte Brix. These kinds of custom kits have gotten more popular in recent years, but no one has recently tried to stuff a high-end GPU alongside a top-end Skylake chip in such a small chassis. While both the GTX 1070 and Intel’s Skylake are relatively power-efficient, the GPU alone is still capable of drawing 160W. Even if you believe the rumors that Nvidia will use desktop Pascal chips as mobile GPUs, we’d still expect a system built around these components to draw 180-200W under load. That’s quite svelte for a gaming desktop, but way too hot for diminutive boxes.


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          And insanely stupid. There's not even a single PCIe x16 or even an x1 slot on it in case the GPU fails. Also, this board will cost nearly $600 when a CPU and RAM are fitted, and unless it's liquid cooled it will be quite audible with that 210w+ GPU and CPU, that's a lot to ask for having to deal with a custom, effectively sealed, box, with many points of failure causing a complete system RMA.


          Also, AMD proved with the Fury Nano that even on 28nm an insane amount of performance, as well as pleasing acoustics, can be squeezed out of a tiny mITX capable card, and there's no reason to assume the RX 390 and Vega 10 based cards (which will feature HBM2) won't all be the same tiny size, and there are a plethora of mATX cases out there with subdued, sleek designs.