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    AMD Desktop manager degrades perfomance


      Recently my friend-PC master reinstalled chip of videocard for a lot of  my money. My previous videocard broke when I was playing one game that required 8 GB RAM and 10 times more video memory. He installed new with some old version of AMD desktop manager, after that almost all of my games except Call of Duty: Black Ops II MP, ZM, (which got a little bit lower FPS on optimising perfomance, but got a lot faster map loading) ran only with blackscreen if optimise perfomance was set as default or it ran with very low FPS if I set optimise quality. When I had old videocard I could delete it in my devices manager and after 10-15 seconds it was reinslalling without AMD Desktop manager, CCC, MOM and verything was fine then. But now if I delete it it doesn't reinstall, instead standard VGI videocard of something like that installs or in rare occasions AMD reinstalls, but I still have this problem with blackscreen/very low FPS even if I added "delete all driver programs" and Desktop manager got deleted from my PC. I havee AMD Radeon HD 5000 and Intel HD Graphics as my videocard on my Windows 7 64-bit, HP G62ER, 4 GB RAM. If you need any additional information about my PC/Drivers, ask me.  Dunno if anyone here had same problem as that.