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AMD windows10 16.3.2 (WHQL) Wont install / Wont go away

Question asked by zneofreak on Jun 6, 2016
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~I am having a problem and hope maybe someone here could give me some advice on how to proceed, or may have a Solution.


I have a AMD E2-3800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics (laptop) With 8gb Memory Running Windows10.

Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon HD 8200 / R3


I use 'AMD Radeon Settings' W/ 'AMD Gaming Involved' to keep my Drivers and Graphic card up todate.

I currently have 16.5.1 installed, It says a New Update is available 16.3.2 (WHQL) Radeon Software Edition:



The problem:

Every time i turn on my computer The AMD Radeon settings program tells me i have a new Update. It tells me

that i should update to 16.3.2 (WHQL) Even tho i have 16.5.1 installed. First time i tried to update it, It went through the download

and analyze process, Once it showed me a list of all Available drivers i noticed each one of the Drivers say " 'Driver name' is

already installed and up to date". Re-installing all the updates does not Change current version, Or get rid of the 'New Update'Notice. The 'New update available' will not go away, Every time i restart the computer it shows up again.


Is there some way to stop this bug?