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AMD 9590fx unstable unless under-clocked

Question asked by phxl on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by techguy

Hello having issues with my CPU. If I don't have the turbo disabled, CPU under-clocked to 4.6Ghz along with my CPU/NB frequency 2200Mhz and HT link speed 2400Mhz and memory frequency at 1833Mhz my system will freeze as soon as i start any application or game. I've spent countless hours/days over the last year trying to figure out how and why. I've tried every combination of settings i can think of, under/over voltting, enabling/disabling spread spectrums and the like, changing load line calibrations and so on and so on. where am i going wrong? my rig as follows.

CPU, 9590FX

Mobo, Crosshair-v Formula Z (2201-BIOS)

RAM, Avexier Core 2x4GB(2133Mhz)

GPU, Fury-X

PSU, Fractal Design Newton N3 1000W

SSD, Kingston Savage 120GB

HDD, toshiba(vanilla) 1TB

Cooling, EK Evo block, EK DDC3.2 pump, 140 Rad,140 Noctua industrial PPC 3000RPM fan, Mayhems Ice-Dragon NANO Fluid.


As you can read I have a good cooling solution so temps are not the issue.

All and any help, ideas tips will be appreciated.