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    AMD Radeon HD 6610 M


      Hello guys! My laptop has AMD Radeon HD 6610M graphic card. it's switchable. you know, with Intel Graphics Family. Anyways, I couldn't have found the driver for AMD Radeon HD 6610M, and the auto driver detecter made me install another driver, and it doesnt work well. Can you tell me solution?

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          To find you driver just go to amd's website and manually download your drivers

          And wich operating system do you run?

          Anyway here is a driver for this graphics card for windows 7: Legacy

          all the other relevant operating systems use the same driver

          But instead of clicking the link, download the crimson 16.2.1 drivers as that is the latest drivers for your laptop.

          Also you must make sure that your drivers for your intergrated intel drivers is also up to date.