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    3 months since last WHQL Driver Unacceptable AMD


      I dont want to create a RANT thread but i honestly think it is really unacceptable the way AMD has been dealing with the drivers for the past two years. The current state of AMD Drivers are terrible, customers complaining from issues of Crashing, Stuttering, Mantle Issues, Doom 2016 Issues.

      and the last official driver was from 3 months ago. if we had stable drivers then there is no reason to complain but thats not the case, users all over the internet are complaining. You guys scraped Mantle! at least provide decent drivers


      If your an AMD customer and are sick and tired of this terrible treatment please contribute to this thread.

      Enough is Enough AMD.


      Nvidia Drivers;

      Geforce 6000 last driver update was in 2015. - that a 12 year old card.

      Geforce 8000 last driver update was in March 2016 -  that's a 10 year old card

      See where i am going with this?


      AMD Drivers;

      AMD 6000 Series are now in the  legacy driver section.

      4 year old card and the last update was on 2015! what a joke. a 6990 is still a power video card.

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          All nVidia graphics cards of 700 series and earlier are in legacy support, whereas all AMD cards HD 7000 series and newer are in mainstream support. AMD is soon to support 4 series of cards in mainstream (HD 7000, R200, R300, R400), whereas nVidia is to support 2, possibly 1 after their 1000 series is fully fleshed out.


          AMD didn't "scrap" Mantle, its features were rolled into DirectX 12 and Vulkan, so a third low level API was no longer needed. AMD was a very strong proponent of Asynchronous shaders being incorporated into DirectX 12, as they knew it was a feature they long supported, unlike nVidia.


          The only difference between WHQL and non-WHQL certified drivers are that AMD paid $750 to Microsoft for them to sign, and there is no reason to do that if there are only a couple of changes.


          Doom 2016, like all new games, was released full of bugs and is still work in progress.

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              How can you say that nvidia 700 series and earlier graphics cards are in legacy support, when they are still releasing drivers for them. Do you mean 7000 series?The geforce 8000 series has windows 10 drivers, and that card is from 2006, find me and AMD/ATI card from 2006 that has Windows 7 support let alone Windows 10.


              When i said the AMD 6000 series are in the legacy section i mean that there is never going to be any driver updates for that card.  Thats it it no longer supported its obvious.


              In terms of what you said about WHQL, i mean not beta drivers, the last non beta driver was from three months ago, a company as big as AMD should be considered with $750 dollars. Thats another thing i am glad you pointed that out, the whole website also feels very cheap when compared to Nvidia site, just compare them side by side. Doom 2016 is not full of bugs its runs find on Nvidia cards just not on AMD.

              Mantle is broken, to use it on Battlefield 4 you have downgrade your drivers, Why?

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              Err... WHQL to be honest means nothing. Nvidia have had WHQL drivers and they had serious issues like constant crashing and breaking SLI support in especially Star Wars Battlefront.... that and breaking G-Sync has happened too from their WHQL drivers and they needed to put out hotfix drivers to fix it like "GeForce Hotfix Driver 358.59... or Hotfix Driver 361.60... or a hilarious USB driver eject error with their drivers in Hotfix Driver 361.82


              So... yeah... WHQL = useless. Doesn't guarantee a thing other than Microsoft thinks the driver is ok... it doesn't mean it won't crash the crap out of your PC... apparently it also means that Microsoft doesn't certify if a WHQL driver thinks it's a USB device that can be safely ejected from the "Safely Remove Hardware" system hahaha...


              Also, if you haven't noticed? AMD is sizably smaller than Nvidia and they had to make some serious changes within the company to be super competitive and announced their non-GCN GPUs as legacy so they could focus on current products with their driver team and really start putting out higher quality drivers with Crimson Drivers and it's the second most important reason as to why I bought an R9 390 over a GTX 970 a while ago (first being it outperforms the GTX 970 in most games).


              Yeah it's a bummer when your GPU goes legacy... but that's the sacrifice that companies make in order to stay competitive. Heck, my Killer 2100 PCI-E and Creative Labs Sound Blaster Recon 3D are about four years old and they both went legacy... I ripped the Sound Blaster Recon 3D out of my PC since it was giving me serious crackling sound in Windows 10 and Creative Labs have stopped updating the drivers for it... Killer Networks didn't even bother making any Windows 10 driver so it randomly blue screens once a month with xeno7x64.dll errors... I dunno, hasn't driven me crazy enough to warrant removing it from my PC yet... but yeah, such is life. The GPU is already out of warranty so if anything that's impressive if a company supports a product longer than their warranty... heck, most Android phones after TWO YEARS stop getting updates and they can be more expensive than a GPU...

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                  You made some great point there. I am really worried at this point in time AMD has 30% of the market share of GPU's and if they dont do anything dramatic we are gonna see a monopoly which everyone is gonna loose.

                  I think AMD can do some minor alteration to give the brand image a boost. For example the website looks really boring when compared to the Green teams one. Crimson was a great move, when you compare to CCC. But even so there are still tons of complaints online about stuttering and crossfire issues.

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                      There are also lots of complaints about stuttering and SLI issues, but people complain to AMD and nVidia about them instead of to the game developers.

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                          Heyyo, yeah AMD CF and Nvidia SLI have always sadly suffered from neglect of game developers... more-so in 2015 and 2014 than before. The major issue with it is extra game development time. More development time = higher budget. It's not easy for a game developer to get permission from their publisher to push optional technology support that only caters to a minority of the GPU market.


                          Think about it this way... if AMD only has 30% market share, how many of that 30% even does Crossfire? Heck, same with Nvidia SLI? Even more prime example, Nvidia 3D Vision? How many games ship with support for that? VR has serious hype so there's a better chance of support for that... but we have still seen a bunch of games release without Occulus Rift or HTC Vive support... anything optional tech will be an uphill battle.... heck, Unity Engine which powers a lot of PC games these days is notorious for sub-par SLI support and Crossfire only works in titles you can force DirectX 9 with forced exclusive fullscreen unless a game developer using the engine hacks in exclusive fullscreen support in their Unity 5 Engine title...


                          AMD brand image? That's what Radeon Technologies Group is. They split up their CPU and GPU divisions again to give a little more freedom and better focus on their developments. That's exactly how Crimson Drivers came to be as well. AMD want to eliminate the stigma of tardy driver updates and they definitely succeeded! Crimson driver updates happen a crap ton now which is fantastic

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