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Eyefinity mix resolution one monitor blurry

Question asked by phynomtalk on Jun 5, 2016

My triple monitor setup includes an LG 29 inch monitor (2560 x 1080) flanked by two LG 24 inch (1920 x 1080) powered by a XFX AMD Radeon HD7970 Black Edition GPU. And, the problem I am having is that when I create an Eyefinity setup, one of the monitors is blurry. One is connected via HDMI, one via HDMI to active DP, and the last via HDMI to DVI. I had an Eyefinity setup before, but all three monitors were 1920 x 1080 and they all showed flawlessly. I threw in the 29 inch LG because the other monitor was an Asus and it was an older monitor, not a bright as the LG's, yada yada yada. Not important...


I have tried just about every option I can think!

Below is a screenshot where you can see how blurry the screen is compared to the other two (the far right side is blank, but shows like the middle portion). This may or may not be relevant, but the screenshot below is not in Eyefinity mode; however, the screen shows up blurry just the same when it is in Eyefinity mode. So, I am wondering if Windows is interfering somehow (Windows 10 64-bit, btw).


Screenshot (1).png