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My AMD Radeon R7 Series Dropped FPS After Update

Question asked by oliverthecute on Jun 5, 2016

Short description:

My AMD Radeon R7 Series Graphics Card dropped FPS on 2D Acceleration from about 50 FPS to 5 or 10 FPS... 3D Acceleration still works fine!??!

(Sorry for bad English, i`m Swedish...)

System info:

Graphics Card:

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 Series

Software version: 15.201.2301.0


Cores: 4

Name: AMD A10-7800

Specification: AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G

Technology: 28nm


Type: DDR3

Total Space: 13 GB


Creator: Hewlett-Packard


          Version: 80.06

          Date: 2015-04-29

OS: Windows 10


I hope this is all system info needed, I don't know what version the driver was when it worked before... :-(


Description of what happened:



I was doing some random stuff on my computer as always when I got a message from AMD Radeon Settings about new driver updates...


I clicked the message and the AMD Radeon Settings app opened...


When I clicked on updates it shown me two new updates, the newest was "(Beta)" so I didn't install that one, but I installed



When the installation was at about half complete the screen turned black in seconds, and then worked again...


A little after that the screen become totally black, and it didn't work again...


After about a half an hour i reboot the computer and it worked fine... ...I thought...


I found the problem when I was playing "Castle Story", the 2D acceleration was way to slow (E.g. Button Animations), the speed of the CPU didn't change. 3D acceleration still works totally fine!??!


Windows 2D button animations still works fine, but in games its terrifying slow...


That`s everything, if you need more info just reply about it. Please help, its urgent... Thanks for reading and seeing my question!


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