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    flickering monitors when using extended mode latest drivers


      Yet another bug with the latest drivers. r9 295x2


      Using two monitors in extended mode causes both screen to have flickering lines and flickering screens. Go back to one monitor and it stops.


      This has never happened before so its a new bug in the latest drivers.


      So not only is crossfire broken, dx 9 broken, core clocks fluctuating, stuttering games, fluctuating usage from 0 to 100 when crossfire is disabled, now I get flickering screens when trying to use two monitors in extended mode, any more bugs AMD would like me to test and find for you?.


      My mind is now made up to where my money for a new monitor is going instead. I was going to by a freesync monitor, no longer.


      Not a single driver for the r9 295x2 works in windows 10 properly. The drivers themselves are broken and also the panel program is also broken. Profiles don't work properly most do nothing at all.

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          I've started to experience similar issues out of no-where, and personal experience has taught me the flickering is the start of potential hardware failure.


          Previously I've had a 4870 experience display corruption when a driver screwed up the clock idling and the card burned itself out sitting at the desktop.


          Today, AMD's latest drivers are RETARDEDLY MAXING OUT THE MEMORY CLOCKS AGAIN, and this is causing display corruption on my brand new 390. Why? Probably because the ram chips are overheating, sitting at max clocks 24/7, and the fan speed doesn't ramp up to cool the chips down, because fan speed is dependent on GPU temps. I've heard reports that this is linked to having multiple monitors, which is insane that these drivers are passing QA without proper multimon testing, nor have a warning label so we can avoid installing them.


          This is going to cause massive failure rates across the board. AMD FIX THIS BUG RIGHT NOW!  I will not hesitate to RMA a broken card if this causes permanent damage. Not going to look good for your profits or mindshare, after a driver burns out a major percent of your customers graphics cards.




          To be clear, this bug did not exist prior to the doom driver, I'm using 2 monitors, neither are set to 144, but one is 120.

          I also just made afterburner profiles to downclock the ram to the lowest setting @ 2d, and restore clocks @ 3d. So pathetic that AMD can't get basic powerstates to work.

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              I would not be surprised at all that the drivers are totally mucking up how power is used and allocated. Every driver released has issues with crossfire acting strange even when it is disabled. The clocks are all over the place. Stutters galore it's all embarrassing for amd really. If my card has been damaged by drivers I will be getting a full refund one way or another. For the r9 295x2 the drivers for windows 10 are totally broken nit one function is working as it should.


              when crossfire is disabled there is still some usage going on on the disabled card and the temp of it is near the card that is enabled.


              using nvidia also has issues is not an excuse for releasing broken and sometimes defective drivers that could cause damage to cards long term.