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    New utility to overclock Radeons for Linux


      Hi, I wrote small utility to overclock Radeon GPU's that uses ADL SDK. That utility have special feature: can work without X server and with graphics cards in console-mode. It can be used for overclocking GPU's from minners or other compute stations. Standard amdconfig utility is enough  annoying: requires a running X'es and their configuration.


      Program can be found at https://github.com/matszpk/amdcovc


      However, that program requires root privileges to work correctly if no a running X11 server (even only for displaying state of the graphics cards).

      Settings of many GPU's will be done on single command line without running obsolete programs.

      If you would like to make new GPU monstrum (minner or boinc cruncher) without obsolete hardware stuff, this utility will be useful to overclock that machine.

      PS: Even if you do plan to overclock your machines, this program is also useful, it give you ability to monitors clocks, temperature and fan speed of your GPUs.