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Automatic game detection does not work completely

Question asked by l@ndro on Jun 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2016 by kingfish

Hi all,


With the news updates on Crimson Radeon Edition Software, the automatic game detection does not work completely.

I have SSD this windows, softwares, drivers, steam installed and HDD this games installed.

I tried installing the drivers folder on the HDD , but it didn't change anything, he doesn't detect the portal 2 or counter strike global offensive, metal gear solid V  and many others ...

Before installing a new driver, I always uninstall the old with AMD uninstaller and DDU " Display Driver Uninstaller" in safe mode.

Currently i use the default location install for amd driver.


I don't understand why it does not work.



My config is :

GIGABYTE G1 Sniper Z97 / Intel i7-4790K

Aircooling : Be Quiet DARK ROCK 3

CORSAIR Vengeance 16Go @ 1800mhz


Crossfire sapphire tri-x - R9 290 4Go

SSD crutial 480

HDD 2000go

Antec P193 V3


Windows 10 64 bits.


Thanks for your help.