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    Automatic game detection does not work completely


      Hi all,


      With the news updates on Crimson Radeon Edition Software, the automatic game detection does not work completely.

      I have SSD this windows, softwares, drivers, steam installed and HDD this games installed.

      I tried installing the drivers folder on the HDD , but it didn't change anything, he doesn't detect the portal 2 or counter strike global offensive, metal gear solid V  and many others ...

      Before installing a new driver, I always uninstall the old with AMD uninstaller and DDU " Display Driver Uninstaller" in safe mode.

      Currently i use the default location install for amd driver.


      I don't understand why it does not work.



      My config is :

      GIGABYTE G1 Sniper Z97 / Intel i7-4790K

      Aircooling : Be Quiet DARK ROCK 3

      CORSAIR Vengeance 16Go @ 1800mhz

      CORSAIR RM1000

      Crossfire sapphire tri-x - R9 290 4Go

      SSD crutial 480

      HDD 2000go

      Antec P193 V3


      Windows 10 64 bits.


      Thanks for your help.