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    AMD Crimson disappearing/uninstalling itself




      So this has happened for the second time now.


      Running Windows 10 PRO x64, with the latest Crimson Software for my XFX 280x DD Black. I have it opened in overdrive settings to monitor the temperature whilst playing a game of Overwatch. So playing on one monitor, checking temps on the other monitor, and during the game the Crimson settings just disappear/close and I can't get them back with "right click" on the desktop. If I search for anything AMD related nothing is where it's supposed to be and even when I reboot I don't get the Crimson settings back, the only way to get this back is by reinstalling the whole driver package. 


      This is kind of weird, I don't have any virus/malware, it's a relatively fresh install of Windows 10 PRO (2 weeks), and this is the second time this has happened. Anyone got a clue what might be causing this?

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          it's 12 pm central time here for me and I noticed the problem an hour ago. windows event logs showed that it received an uninstall command though I did not execute one. Also the second time this has happened to me as well with the first time happening a few months prior. what is causing this and how can we make it stop?


          (I also reinstalled my W10 pro roughly 2-4 weeks ago as well. very odd indeed)