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    GC dies without reason


      Hi readers of this post,

      I have a really big problem i worked on a long time and it didn´t got better, my GC (R9 380 4GB from Powercolor) kind of dies. It began like 2 months ago (or earlier) when my GC driver had an error and restarted but my game crashed so i was pissed. It didnt happened again in a couple of days so i thought it might be fixed or so. But i was really wrong the driver crashed more often and at one day after an update of the driver the driver crashed like 5 times in 1 hour and after a tipp from a friend i installed the old version and it was fixed i thoughed but like last time i was wrong and so it came that in the last couple of weeks not only the driver crashed, nope i think the hole GC went down because i had a blackscreen but my monitor didnt got any signals and even unplug it helped so i had to resart my computer  and all funcioned well after the resart so i was a little confussed what happened. I had this now several times and it is very annoing having this like every day, so i cleaned my PC from dirt, then deinstalled all drivers with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and started the Computer hoping it was fixed... It wasn´t. So i am sitting infront of my crapy desk and i am asking u lovely guys (and girls) who actually read this text, what should i do?

      Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english


          • Re: GC dies without reason

            Ok sorry,

            i will work the list from top to bottom:

            • GC R9 380 from PowerColor 4GB
            • System:

                 Mainboard: ASRock H97 Pro4

                 Chipset: Intel Haswell

                 Prozessor: i5 4460 @ 3,2 Ghz (not OC)

                 16 GB RAM (4x 4GB DDR3-SDRAM)

                 Harddrive: 1TB from Seagate ST1000DM 003


                 Windows 10 64Bit (Home Edition)

            • Driver version:     Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.2
            • Monitor: BenQ GL2240 1920x1080 @60hz i am using DVI-D
            • Power Supply: beQuiet PurePower L8 600W Bronze



            • My game stands still (i can still here the sounds) and then it throws me on the desktop and a error message appears saying that the GC driver had an error and restarted, after that happened i have to close the game because it got transparent (no sounds at that moment). Sometimes it instantly gives me an blackscreen and my monitor gives me the message "No signal found" but i can still speak with my friends on TeamSpeak. Restarting the monitor unplug and plug the DVI-D Cable back in place dont function so i have to restart the computer.
            • So far it crashed on several games:

                 -Europa Universalis 4


                 -Naval Action

                 -Rocket League

                 -Battlefield 4

                 It also rarely crashes while browsing like scrolling down 9GAG( I am using Google Chrome)

            • I am using allways 1920x1080 and always using the best graphical settings while being near 60 fps, but i tried using low settings and it still crashed
            • I cannot send an screenshot now because i dont have any but if the error message appears next i will try to screenshot it. The blackscreen will not be necessary i assume.