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Thread stuck in device driver

Question asked by brylee on Jun 4, 2016

When I run Sandboxie for IMVU (After 10 Minutes - 1 hour) I get the error "Thread_stuck_in_device_driver" and my computer restarts. But when I don't run Sandboxie everything is fine, I don't get the error. Sandboxie is supported for my operating system. I have an ASUS Laptop Model X550Z, with Windows 10 Home. I did recently update drivers because there was an update available, but I didn't try Sandboxie prior to the update. (This is a new laptop) So this should be a driver problem? (Considering it only happens when I use Sanboxie)


My driver version is: 16.3.2. There is an update for version 16.5.1.(Beta) But I am not sure if I should update to a Beta version.