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    Need help, CPU Fx 7500 r7 grafics card


      Good afternoon

      I wanted to ask for help because I have no resources to repair my computer Portable.

      I have the following problem, when I play on the computer only with the battery the computer play perfectly. But when I put the charger, the games are slow and it is impossible to play. Need help!!! recently I changed the disk because what came from the factory was really bad . And I wanted to see if at least stood a little faster , which was !


      My hardware:


      CPU: AMD Fx-7500 Radeon r7, 10 compute cores 4c+6G (I do not know what this is)

      GPU: R7 m265 2GB

      RAM: 8GB

      SSD : Sandisk ultra II 480GB

      I have pictures when I'm using the computer batteria and when stou to use the charger.