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    Sapphire r9 270x toxic fan problem




      I upgraded my power supply and I when testing if everything is working with open case I saw that one of the fans is just spinning

      when the PC is booting for 1 or 2 seconds and then it stops. I tried to change the fan speed in Sapphire TRIXX or to play a game

      to see if it will start under load but nothing is helping. Also when I turned the power off one of the remaining fans stopped faster

      than the other one. Can anybody help me with some advice? One fan is defect and one of the remaining is also damaged or is it normal?

      Thanks in advance

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          Well you can try checking up a few things, but this is definitely not normal, not on that series of graphic cards anyway.

          First of all check that your power supply connectors are connected properly on both the power supply (if it's modular) and the card itself.

          Second, if those cables are indeed connected properly, if you have any spare 6-pin connectors, give those a try as well so that you can rule out faulty PSU cables.

          Third, you can try checking if there's something blocking the fans ( i wouldn't advise taking the fans off the card unless you are experienced with dismantling GPUs, especially if the card is still under warranty).

          All in all, this sounds mostly like either a defect card or faulty fan headers and should most likely be replaced if it's still covered by your warranty.

          I hope any of this might help you or even provide you with some info in regards to the matter.

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              pandaboybg try everything above, all the steps made by reone are correct. Unfortunatly if anything the issue still persists, try using the old PSU to test if the fan issue appears, if it does you might have to be preparing to take it to warranty. if the card was bought on a used condition you will have to invest on a new pairs of fans (on eBay can be found between 15-45 US depending on your graphics model.

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              Thanks for the advices, I will try tomorrow to see if something will work. The warranty is already over but I hope that it would work again. The video card can work normally with 2 of 3 fans or is it a big problem already? The temperature is not high.

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                Nothing helped, even to remove almost all dust and to clean the fans. Now I got another problem with the video card. Few times it started to make very loud sounds and I removed the drivers. The first time it showed me OpenCL cannot be detected and that I need to reinstall my driver. I think it was from GPU-Z the message and after clicking to reinstall it started again with sound. I took other drivers, it was good for one day and now the sound happened again. Currently I am without driver. Seems to be without the sound after the restart. Should I try to flash the bios from the GPU or is it a driver problem, GPU problem? Any ideas?

                Edit: Windows installed a driver with an older version. For now it does not make the sound but it could start again after less than a day. This is weird and I hope that it won`t start to make that noise again.

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                  have you check if there is any blue leds on at the ends of the card and how many fan working.... look at some temp with hardware monitor software....I had some problem with mine & it was hardly able to boot in windows then i was seeing a black screen... i find out it was overheating......so i have replace the fan with 2 corsair 120 mm that i had & zip tie them to the card and voila !! its back on track haha.... its a pretty redneck style of doing it but save me lot of money