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Question asked by panossingular on Jun 4, 2016
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Hello Guys!


One month ago, I purchased the MSI 990FXA Gaming and the FX9590. I also used 16GB Kingston HyperX Beast, Corsair AX1200i, Sapphire Radeon R390, Kraken x61 and one noname 120mm fan @ 1800rpm, directly over the VRMs of this MB for extra cooling. No case, it is build on my desk. From day one I experienced freezing under heavy load (gaming). It totally freezes and I have to reset it. Sample temps:


CPU Idle: 15-20C

CPU Full Load:32-49C

MB Mofset Idle: 40C

MB Mofset Full Load: 55C

Northbridge Idle: 32C

Northbridge Full Load: 39C


I tried all the stuff I could think of plus everything I found on google. I replaced most of the hardware with working ones from a friend's PC. The same. Win7 x64, was reinstalled 3 times, BIOS is the latest version as are all the drivers. No AV is used. As I found out the hard way, this is a known problem. This CPU has a lot of issues with some MBs, regardless that it is stated in their compatibility lists, as it is in MSI's/my case. MSI couldn't find a solution for me. In their official forum they said I need either to replace the MB (with a completely different one) or to get another CPU (smaller one). Unbelievable.

I would like to get AMD's opinion on this matter. I have a few questions I would like to get answered, because I do not understand what is going on. Here we are:


  1. Is the 9590 getting too hot? Are the power requirements too high? Can it be considered a design flaw? I can see on a lot of other forums, they are making jokes of the 9590.
  2. Why is this CPU stated on MSI's compatibility list for the 990FXA gaming, if it is known to cause problems? How did they get the verification from AMD that their MB is OK for this CPU?
  3. Why hasn't AMD contacted MSI so that they remove the entry from their compatibility list?


I would like to thank all of you in advance.