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Why i'm part of the AMDRedteam

Question asked by genakrul on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by iamthesaga

Few simple reasons >
~ Because i got what i paid for
~ Because i bought cpu @2013. and i still don't feel like i need any stronger in 2016.
~ Because i never had issues with redteam components
~ Because much OC potential for FX series
~ Because i can type more reasons all day
~ Because why not
~ Because i love red
~ Because roses are red and AMD too
~ Because i can play games on one screen and watch twitch on another screen w/o utilizing more then 65% of cpu
~ Because i wish developers optimise more games then right now for AMD to see their true potential

~ Because u can buy HD7950 and still play games in 2016. 1920x1080o with great FPS.
~ Because u invest in the longer stages
~ Because overall in past years i used R9 280, R9 280x and now R9 290, and switching from first to last card costed me all around 30eur (35-40$) in 2-3years and i can switch to R9 390 easy for 20-25$ more and still get flawless fps. Thats only 50$ from R9 280 to R9 390 if u have patience.


~ Because i can't wait RX480.
~ Because i can't wait Zen.


~ Because being on a red side is a passion.